There is a subculture of poets on Twitter where people accept the 140 character count challenge to create something as visual as a photograph. One of these twitter accounts is poet Russel Swensen, known on Twitter as @scribblymouse. On multiple occasions I've caught myself visualizing Swensen's words. A recurring theme of his is the horoscope. He writes a sign in all caps, and follows it with a single sentence. 

I decided to translate Swensen's horoscopes into photographs. I drew inspiration from the title of Duane Michal's photograph "There Are Things Here Not Seen In This Photograph" and reimagined some of the strongest images from Swensen's tweets, while still allowing the viewers' emotions and reactions to connect the images to the words that inspired them. Zodiac shows us the sadness, despair--and maybe even the hope--of being human and looking for meaning in the stars.